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Tempura assorted cakes recipe
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Tempura assorted cakes recipe


This is the name of an assortment of donuts (the dough is a mixture of flour and egg), served with grated white radish, and dipped in soy sauce.

The "TEMPURA" is not easy to prepare, on the contrary! This is one of the recipes requiring more experience - not just cooking in general, but also associated with this dish - even talent.


for 2-3 persons:
1 / 2 white cuttlefish

2-3 shrimp

1 / 2 horn beef (preferably) or 1 / 4 green pepper

1 / 3 zucchini or 1 / 4 eggplant

1 large mushroom paris

1 / 4 large carrot

6 sheet AOJISO (optional) * can be found in Japanese grocery stores, the Opera, for example. But the price is quite high for them.

For the dough:
same volume (1: 1 cup (200ml)) to:

- Flour

- Mixture of water + 1 egg


It is a name of a donut TEMPURA, mixed vegetables and seafood


for 2-3 persons:
10cm leek

1 / 2 small octopus

1 / 4 onion

1 / 8 large carrots

Mitsuba 10 sheets (optional) * Same comment as for the leaves AOJISO. It is also possible to replace them with some herbs to taste mild.


1. See the "Preparation of the octopus, the cuttlefish and shrimp."

Cut all ingredients into bite-size pieces TEMPURA the thickness about 0.5 mm, except the carrot that must be cut into sticks. For KAKIAGÉ, cut all ingredients in small pieces about 1-2 cm cube.

2. Mix flour and egg-water mixture, not the stirring rods, but stitch. The flour may be a little powder, there is no problem with lumps. Leave the dough in the refrigerator and add a few ice cubes just before frying to make a batter light and crisp.
3. Heat the oil in a saucepan to 180 ° C. Put the cuttlefish in the dough, fry. Remove once cooked, then drain on a paper. Attention, the projections of oil being frequent, put the pieces of squid in a little flour and then dip in batter.
4. Take the shrimp tail, dip the flesh only in the dough and place in the pot one after the other. Remove once cooked, then drain.
5. Lower the oil temperature to 170 ° C. Start frying vegetables one after the other: fry, remove once cooked and then drain. For carrots into sticks, place 4-5 sticks together in the oil, and ensure that they do not separate (in this case the gathering with chopsticks).
6. Put some flour on the mixture of ingredients KAKIAGÉ, add the paste slowly. Take 1 / 4 with a wooden spatula and place in oil. If it stand out in the oil gather with sticks. Once cooked, remove them and then drain.

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