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MAKI-SUSHI ZUSHI wrapped in nori (seaweed sheet)
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MAKI-SUSHI ZUSHI wrapped in nori (seaweed sheet)


To the Japanese, the "Maki-zushi" is compared to "Nigiri-zushi" - the REAL sushi - a SUSHI less luxurious. But it is quite festive, thanks to its shape and color.

It is true that it is amusing appearance. However, the rolling nicely requires some technique. As the name suggests, the rice is not simply "Gohan." It is a rice vinegar and slightly sweet. When you are true cook, prepare the seasoning by mixing rice vinegar, sugar and salt. But it is quite complicated because the amount of water changes during cooking rice, etc.. Since I never had the courage to try, I can not explain it here. But I propose to take advantage of a product of any seasoning, good and very simple: "SUSHINOKO. This is powder, but it also exists in the liquid: the SUSHIZU. I have not tried yet but it seems it is great too.

MAKING OF "Sumesh"

First, prepare the "Sumesh" - vinegared rice for sushi! This preparation is common for all the dishes of the SUSHI family.


5 teaspoons of SUSHINOKO "see Intro. INGREDIENTS
Go 1 and a half of rice: cook normally (see INTRO. Prep. Rice)

"SUSHI OKE-or large bowl
"SHAMOJI or spatula (see INTRO. Utensils)

Put the rice still warm in a Sushi-oke, or a large bowl, lightly wet. While cooling the rice with a variety, sprinkle half Sushinoko and start with a shamoji or a spatula to mix the rice by cutting while drawing vertical and horizontal. Add the rest of the powder and mix again, always being careful not to make the rice sticky.

- INGREDIENTS: 6 sticks

Click on the photo to see details.
3 sheets of "NORI" cut in two, see Intro. INGREDIENTS
"TAMAGOYAKI with 2 eggs: cut them into sticks, see page BREAKFAST
1 / 3 salmon fillet cut into sticks, see Sashimi
1 / 5 cucumber: cut into sticks



1. Put a sheet of cut on the NORI MAKISU. As rice is quite sticky, once it is made, you will no longer repeat. Ca va? Ready? Come on.
2. Spread about one tablespoon of Sumesh leaving 1 / 4 surface on one side. Warning! If you put too much rice, it will overflow your worksheet NORI during winding.
3. File two cucumbers into sticks horizontally. Then wet your fingers with the area without rice so that the sheet is well glued Nori after winding.
4. Lift the side of Nori facing you with Makisu pressing cucumber sticks to stay in the center. Fold in one go (but slower of course) the end of Nori facing you on the border between rice and Nori on the side.

5. MAKISU raise your right hand and with your left hand to roll a little in order to insert into the interior of the roller, the side that has been folded. 6. Once the input side, roll up the end of the sheet and roll NORI all again in MAKISU so well trained. 7. Have you succeeded?

Allow the next through the pasted down to avoid a detached.

8. Salmon all over with sticks.
9. Remember to press the salmon.
10. MAKISU raise or drive a little way to insert into the interior of the roller, the side that has been folded.

11. Hop! Pass? 12. This is the towers TAMAGOYAKI sticks. 13. Fold the side that faces you to the other end, on the border between rice and Nori. At one time is important!

14. Trying to find the right amount of rice and good technique winding. Good luck!
15. Wet your knife before cutting your makizushi otherwise attach it to the sticky rice and you will not be able to withdraw.
16. Cut them as you want. Six is a good size for table then stand on a plate.

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