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Jananese food recipes

Japanese cuisine is a reflection of the country

Here is a list of recipes that you can replicate at home without too much difficulty. A Japanese meal usually consists of rice, it is the basis of their diet for centuries, but also fish or basic accompaniments of soy sauce. In Japan, food is sacred. Fresh food and cuisine are some of the qualities of this Asian cuisine. Each season, his dishes!It is not very complicated, but we need to find a taste of things. The foods were taste, it is not necessary to bury under a layer of fat or sugar to sublimate. Raw
ZARU-UDON is cold Japanese noodles  UDON is a kind of Japanese noodles made from flour, salt and water, with a width greater than 1.7 mm and less than 3.8 mm. Japanese noodles smallest width of less than 1.3 mm are called "Somen".
Yakitori chicken skewers These are the famous chicken skewers seen often in the so-called Japanese restaurants. But the Japanese regard them rather as cookies drink: there is almost always with alcohol.
Yakibuta from Japan It is a flat easy to enjoy even for those not accustomed to Japanese taste. In addition, the preparation is very simple. Try and enjoy! This recipe is especially recommended for both fans of Japanese cuisine for beginners.
Tempura assorted cakes recipe This is the name of an assortment of donuts (the dough is a mixture of flour and egg), served with grated white radish, and dipped in soy sauce.
TEMARA-ZUSHI Sushi balls  Temari is a Japanese small ball, we do not see much today. The Japanese rice frequently as the clay.
Takikomi takikomi, You've never poured soy sauce on rice in a Japanese restaurant, saying:
SUSHI salmon and their eggs "Chirashi" or "chirashi-zushi" is another type of SUSHI. Perhaps you feel betrayed because you coyez that in "SUSHI" there's always raw fish.
Sashimi raw fish Indeed, the preparation of the sashimi is very simple: just cut the fish into slices. However, maybe it is just that, choosing fish is important.
OYAKO DON Chicken omelette on rice bowl This is one of the popular dishes prepared in a large bowl of rice: "DON-MONO. You can recognize this type of dish with their name that always end with "DON", short for "DONBURI" which is the name of the Japanese large bowl used for these recipes.
Okonomiyaki Yaki Japanese pizza recipe It's a family dish, popular in western Japan. As I have just east of Japan,
MAKI-SUSHI ZUSHI wrapped in nori (seaweed sheet) To the Japanese, the "Maki-zushi" is compared to "Nigiri-zushi" - the REAL sushi - a SUSHI less luxurious. But it is quite festive, thanks to its shape and color.
Kushi katsu recipes 
Kobachi different dishes lotus rhizome sauce salty, sweet, slightly spicy -- Preparing several kinds of KIMPE Japan. They are usually cooked vegetables into the sauce salty, sweet and spicy, made with soy sauce
Japanese recipes Asa Gohan Japanese recipes Asa Gohan is a breakfast meal for 2
GYU NO roast beef Tataki Japanese, half raw and marinated "Roast Beef of Japan", but it does perhaps not at all what you expect. It was almost raw and marinated in seasoning, say very Asian.
Dish of beef and vegetables simmered in Japanese rice This dish consists of beef and vegetables simmered in Japan, filed on the
Azuki red bean jam recipe Azuki is a delicious dish that takes time to prepare.

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