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Healthy recipes
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Healthy recipes

Healthy recipes will help you eat healthy and lose some weight at the same time

Flavors and aromas of health in your plate! Recipes for healthy dishes, scrumptious delicacies and very sweet. In this category you will find: - Original ideas for appetizers and salads - Number of main dishes, based on any kind of nutritious vegetables and legumes. - Various combinations to ferment bread to fill pies, tarts, crepes and stuff and nonsense. - Recipes for pasta - Ways to give more flavor in seafood. - Over seventy recipes to make small cakes, sweets, the pan, the pans, cookies, cakes, pies, cakes and even fruit sorbets.
Albanian Recipes Garlic Dressings Use this dressing widely since is very healthy
Beans with Meat recipe Beans with Meat recipe is a powerfull combination of vegetables and meat.
Beer bread recipe Tasty, fast this bread is from heaven.
Black bean sauce recipe  This Chinese Asian black bean sauce recipe is from heaven
Cold tomato soup (Gazpacho) The original recipe for one of the most traditional Spanish dishes. Especially now that tomato season is going to enjoy it all summer.
Egyptian Lentils easy recipe Egyptian Lentils easy recipe is very intresting cooking idea.
Escalivada salad Catalana The name means wonderful salad slowly cooked. The version we provide is of course for the oven but if it is possible to cook vegetables in barbecue will get a smoky smell.
Esme - spicy Turkish salad recipe from turkish cousine Esme the spicy Turkish salad recipe from turkish is draft salad for athletes.
Felafel recipe This Felafel recipe is one of the most popular arabic food recipe in the world
Fish soup from Valencia An easy but impressive fish soup from the beautiful Spanish city. Enjoy with freshly grated bread with garlic.
Haddock in tomato sauce from Barcelona Unique taste of cod beautiful Catalonia. The Mediterranean cuisine in all its glory, enjoy
Indian Lentils recipe Indian Lentils is a Spicy lentils with aroma and flavor from the east
Kobachi different dishes lotus rhizome sauce salty, sweet, slightly spicy -- Preparing several kinds of KIMPE Japan. They are usually cooked vegetables into the sauce salty, sweet and spicy, made with soy sauce
MAKI-SUSHI ZUSHI wrapped in nori (seaweed sheet) To the Japanese, the "Maki-zushi" is compared to "Nigiri-zushi" - the REAL sushi - a SUSHI less luxurious. But it is quite festive, thanks to its shape and color.
Mussels Rhine recipe Mussels Rhine is a taste dish, that takes time to cook it
Pastitsio greek recipe Pastitsio is like a macaroni pie made in heaven. This Greek Pastitsio recipe is the best, just try to do it and you will love it.
Potato salad israeli This Potato salad is a delicious healthy salad.
Saganaki Shrimp easy recipe This shrimp recipe is fanstastic
Souvlaki the greek recipe Souvlaki is the best idea for a fast food when you visit Greece. Cook this greek recipe and meet the Greeks
The fisherman pilaf Flamengo taste and fragrance in a classic dish that we come from Andalusia, Spain
Tortilla de patatas - Spanish omelette with potatoes If you like fried potatoes will go crazy with this Spanish omelet recipe. The result is a fantastic cake omelets with potatoes.
ZARU-UDON is cold Japanese noodles  UDON is a kind of Japanese noodles made from flour, salt and water, with a width greater than 1.7 mm and less than 3.8 mm. Japanese noodles smallest width of less than 1.3 mm are called "Somen".

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Appetizers recipes
Appetizers should be your first dish before the main dish make sure is impressive
Arabic recipes
Arabic cuisine is becoming increasingly known and Arabic restaurants
BBQ recipes
May cook in the coals or gas, indicated for all meats, poultry, fish and for vegetables
Beef and veal recipes
Cook Beef and veal recipes for your main meal to satisfy your visitors
Bread recipes
Easy bread recipes to make such as Arabic bread, beer bread and more
Chicken recipes
Chicken recipes are cooked in many ways such as with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, onions or eggs
Christmas recipes
Christmas starts at the beginning of November; Christmas cakes and all other Christmas recipes
Cocktails recipes
Impress your friends making offering refreshing cocktails and drinks
Confectionery and Sweets
For all those who lovesweets; delicious cakes, delicious cookies, pies and a lot more
Desserts recipes
Various recipes for your enjoyment including desserts, ice-cream, beverages and breads.
Easter recipes
Easter recipes are uniqe; some easy recipes for this period - good luck and a happy Easter!
Easy recipes
Easy recipes all cases and conditions for your guests
Exotic recipes
The atmosphere, colors, hospitality and exotic recipes will lead you into an empire of pleasures
Fast food quickly recipes
Fast food quickly recipes; Cook your own fast food in minutes
Fruit recipes
Recipes from Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins and minerals, water and cellulose
Healthy recipes
Healthy recipes will help you eat healthy and lose some weight at the same time
Hot and spicy recipes
Find the hot and spicy recipe that suits you: mild hot, hot or simply very hot.
Pasta recipes
Pasta recipes tell from hundreds of shapes beyond imagination, creativity and taste
Pork recipes
Easy and tasty recipes based on pork include appetizers, first courses and second courses
Potatoes recipes
Original and delicious recipes for fried potatoes, boiled, psites, stuffed presented in this category
Poultry recipes give your chicken, duck, turkey or other poultry a special taste
Rice recipes
Wonderful collection of rice recipes gives rice a new role - no longer supporting plate, but first role
Salads and Dips recipes
Recipes for accompanying your food of salads and dips
Sea food recipes
All species of fish and shellfish, octopus and shrimp - all sead food recipes
Soups recipes
Soups are considerd a very nutritious and healthy meal, some of which can be very quickly cooked.
Vegetarian recipes
Vegeterian food recipes exclude meat and fish and add milk, eggs, honey and fat of plant origin