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Chinese food recipes

Looking for Chinese food recipes? Chinese cuisine is an ancient art and ranks as one of the best in the world. World Famous chinese Recipes.

Chinese Cooking Recipes and tips: Chinese food recipes hand-picked from a variety of sources. Chinese food is popular those days just to mention: stir fry, chinese food sweet and sour, chinese food pork, chinese food noodles, chinese food dumplings, chinese bean curd. Amazing tastes to try.
Sweet and sour pork Chinese food is healthy, because is rich in vegetables and low in greasy. It combines also the proteins of meats with the plant fibres of vegetables and the starch of rice
Spring Vegetable rolls Asian famous recipe we will make to enjoy a beer with your friends the Saturday night
Noodles with sauce of Black Beans  Noodles with sauce of Black Beans
Hot sauce and dip recipe Hot sauce and dip is used in many chinese main dish food or as a dip.
Fried Rice easy recipe Fried rice is a popular component of Chinese food. Find out how to cook it in a very simple way in your own kitchen
Classic steak Suey recipe This dish is considered to create a real setting and not in China - although it is likely to have evolved from Chinese immigrants in the U.S.A.
Chinese spare ribs recipe This dish is a hit in Chinatown around the world. Any good Chinese restaurant or canteen that respects himself must include on the menu the spare ribs choice
Chinese soup with noodles and vegetables recipe A very tasty soup, easy, fast and ethnic, which is the ideal first course for a winter Saturday night with friends at home.
Chinese soup recipes Chinese soup is an excellent idea to start your meal.
Chinese fried bananas recipe Chinese cuisine is not known for its sweets, but these fried bananas will surely make you enjoy desserts.
chilli spaghetti  chilli spaghetti recipes is for strong humans that can take the hot and spicy tastes.
Chicken with Lemon Beijing Sauce Chicken with Lemon Beijing Sauce recipe is very nutritious chinese food you must try at least once
Chicken of the western Cashew nuts If you have not ever prepare Chinese options in your kitchen, here is your chance to quickly and easily learn this Chicken of the western Cashew nuts delicious dish
Black bean sauce recipe  This Chinese Asian black bean sauce recipe is from heaven
Beef chow mein The mystery on the Ingredients of this chinese recipe food is reflected on its perfect taste

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