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Vegetarian recipes
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Vegetarian recipes

Vegeterian food recipes exclude meat and fish and add milk, eggs, honey and fat of plant origin

Vegetarians exclude from their diet of meat and fish, and add milk, eggs, honey and fat in foods of plant origin. The risk of vegetarians lack of vitamins such as vitamin D, B12 and B2 and minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc. The vegetarians should consume nuts, mushrooms, legumes, vegetables, starchy foods and dried fruits.
Artichokes stuffed with eggs  A surprise for a gourmet dinner with beautiful food and good wine with friends. Easy and simple recipe with delicious excellent result.
Aubergines with yogurt  This is an authentic Aubergines with yogurt as cook in Lebanon for many years ago.
Baked figs recipe; the Greek dessert Greek Baked Fige Recipe; Cook this delicious desseert to impress your visitors and leave a sweete taste at the end of your meal
Baked potato with chili vegetables recipe Delicious dish with the aura of pulses and vegetables, full of vitamins that help the body of students to meet the tired days.
Bean Jahni Soup (Jani me Fasule) recipe Bean Jahni Soup (Jani me Fasule) is an albanian nice dish to cook easy and cheap for your family.
Bean salad with apricot sauce and tortilla chips The apricot sauce is very unique and ideal ornament dried beans in a magnificent Mexican recipe.
Bean soup, Feijoada recipe For authentic Brazilian flavor of Feijoada, we use pork ribs (spare ribs)
Black bean sauce recipe  This Chinese Asian black bean sauce recipe is from heaven
Catalonian Spinach (Espinacas a la Catalana) A classic salad with Barcelona valuable to our organization to spinach cooked with olive oil and flavored with garlic and anchovies
Chinese soup with noodles and vegetables recipe A very tasty soup, easy, fast and ethnic, which is the ideal first course for a winter Saturday night with friends at home.
Cold tomato soup (Gazpacho) The original recipe for one of the most traditional Spanish dishes. Especially now that tomato season is going to enjoy it all summer.
Eggplant hamburgers recipe Whatever is the way to cook the eggplant is always delicious. In this old recipe is tastier but after getting married with tomato and herbs. Ideal choice for ouzo and raki.
Egyptian Lentils easy recipe Egyptian Lentils easy recipe is very intresting cooking idea.
Egyptian rice pilaf recipe Egyptian rice pilaf recipe is a light dish for mild meals
Escalivada salad Catalana The name means wonderful salad slowly cooked. The version we provide is of course for the oven but if it is possible to cook vegetables in barbecue will get a smoky smell.
Felafel recipe This Felafel recipe is one of the most popular arabic food recipe in the world
Fried Rice easy recipe Fried rice is a popular component of Chinese food. Find out how to cook it in a very simple way in your own kitchen
Giom Kippur, after fasting recipe Giom Kippur, after Jewish fasting traditions - Healthy Ideas for cooking
Guacamole recipe The most famous Mexican dip salad, matching plates, most of tropical cuisine. Try it in the fajitas only with crunchy Nachos
Indian Lentils recipe Indian Lentils is a Spicy lentils with aroma and flavor from the east
Korean cuisine, vegetables Korean cuisine, for vegetarians
Meatloaf with tomato sauce and herbs recipes Meatloaf with tomato sauce and herbs recipes is a rich delicious dish, loved children and easy to cook. Try it and love it
Mexican omelet with avocado, olives and cheddar cheese A true work of art omelette. Easy, quick and economical create Mexican atmosphere accompanied by a Cerveza (beer) with Lemon the rim and a bag Natsis and excite everyone.
Mixed Vegetables (Turli perimesh)  Turli perimesh is a mixed vegetable recipe so similar with other balcan countries recipes
Mixed Vegetables with Shrimp or Chicken, Thai Recipes Mixed Vegetables with Shrimp or Chicken, Thai Recipes is a healthy dish for all.
Muschrooms with garlic and wine recipe Muschrooms with garlic and wine is an ideal dish to start your meal
Mushrooms and potatoes with curry recipe from india A vegetarian dish will excite you. Easy, fast and very economic to fit much more rice basmati
Mushrooms with garlic in a clay-champinones al alhillo An easy recipe for mushrooms that can make everyone. Try as first and as mainly escorting freshly baked bread
Noodles with sauce of Black Beans  Noodles with sauce of Black Beans
Papardeles with asparagus, herbs and cottage cheese A light dish that combines the precious vegetables with delicious pasta.
Pasta with tomato sauce and olives A quick and easy recipe full of colors and fragrances. It will delight both the taste and your vision.
Potato salad israeli This Potato salad is a delicious healthy salad.
Salad Lyonnaise recipe Salad Lyonnaise recipe salad can be eaten as a main course. Choose croutons with a natural taste for lighter effect. Good luck!
Salad with avocado and potatoes A substantial salad with avocado and tasty filling chips to play both the role of the salad and the accompanying.
Spanish potato dip This is a traditional Basque recipe. A cross between the oriental and garlic Hummus, sprouts with soy instead of the traditional chickpeas.
Spring Vegetable rolls Asian famous recipe we will make to enjoy a beer with your friends the Saturday night
Turkish pipper tomato ointment A delicious ointment that will serve as an appetizer at any table we do. Easy, quick, tasty and cheap.
Vospe Kiofte (meatballs with lentils) Vospe Kiofte is meatballs with lentils a healthy food to cook.

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