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TEMARA-ZUSHI Sushi balls
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TEMARA-ZUSHI Sushi balls


Temari is a Japanese small ball, we do not see much today. The Japanese rice frequently as the clay.

Rice put together is indeed the equivalent of sandwiches for the Japanese. Indeed they are often eaten by hand. Temari-zushi is Sumesh (vinegared rice for sushi) formed into a small ball. I present three variations, salmon, Nori (seaweed sheet) and Umeboshi (dried plum). But there are a lot of other possibilities. Try everything you want!
Ingredients: For 2-3 people
1.5 GB of "Sumesh" see "MAKI-ZUSHI"

1 / 4 SHEET "NORI" cut into sticks (0.5 cm x 6 / 7 cm)


1 "Umeboshi" - explanation against this: remove the kernel and overwrite


It is a Japanese dried plum, very salty. It is often hidden in balls of rice that the Japanese call onigiri or OMUSUBI equivalent sandwich, and surprised the ignorant. As she is very salty, although it depends a bit on the quality of course, it is not very interesting even inedible when you're not accustomed (or even used). But I this anyway, because it is part of Japanese culinary culture and it is possible that you enjoy!


Put the piece of salmon in the freezer until hard enough to be easily cut very thin (30 to 60 minutes). While the salmon is still hard, be prepared into very thin slices. The ideal thickness of slices for this recipe is that slices of smoked salmon.

Leave the slices cut in the refrigerator. You can place them on the balls of rice just before serving on the plates. Preparation of rice balls: once Sumesh is cooled, take a handful in the wet hand. The save-shaped ball the same way as the clay.
Put on the ball, or two sheets of Nori in small sticks, like a gift package, a little crushed dried plum in the middle is a thin slice of salmon in order to recover.

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