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Sashimi raw fish
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Sashimi raw fish


Indeed, the preparation of the sashimi is very simple: just cut the fish into slices. However, maybe it is just that, choosing fish is important.

We must reject the idea of supermarkets to buy fish, which are in a plastic package, for eating raw. There are easily at poissonier fresh fish, good and cheap,which is not the case in Japan! The "Sashimi" is a luxurious flat enough for the Japanese.
- Notes on purchases FISH :
You can buy fish from any fish neighborhood (but not at the supermarket, again) on the morning of day you want to eat raw fish. Always ask if the fish can be eaten raw. The fishmongers are generally honest. If you buy a whole fish, you can determine its level of freshness from its eyes are bright if it's good. But if they are covered with a sort of veil, take aute thing! (Great photos below and try to look a little fish eyes)

We recommend the following fish:

Salmon: Good value, recommended fish, relatively fatty
daurade (or bream): Taste and very slight end, our suggestion. Gray bream (sea bream or any court), the least expensive, suits. Royal bream, much more expensive, does not much (certainly it is better, and the flesh is firmer ...).
bar: Warning it is very expensive!
Perch: Fish with white flesh, mild taste
tuna: Somewhat difficult to choose
Small fish (like sea bream) bought whole. Ask your fishmonger to prepare the fillets, without skin. Salmon, perch and bass are already in the net. The tuna is often sold as steaks.


1 / 2 salmon fillet
1 dorade
For the tasting:

"WASABI" (mustard green) and "Shoyu" See Intro page. Ingredients

Knife (very important!)

Preparation of "Sashimi"

Raw fish can be kept more than 10 hours in your refrigerator. We must avoid letting out too long. The preparation must be done quickly, avoiding the "warm up" the fish with his hands.

The white fish - bream, bar, beam, etc.. - Are rather presented in thin slices (less than 5mm thick, see the preparation of the dorade of this page) and red-fleshed fish - tuna, bonito, etc.. - Sliced thick (over 6mm, see the preparation of salmon below).

DORADE: This is the aspect of fish after the work of the fishmonger. Remove the bones with the tweezers being careful not to crush the pulpit. The white fish such as bream, must be prepared in thin slices.

Cut the slice in a single pass. First put the first point of the knife on the track. Remember to tilt the blade of the knife, and then drag it into the chair by lowering the knife toward you slowly. Slide slowly to the point of the blade.

SALMON: Here is a salmon fillet, skin removed. It is prepared in thick slices. Remove the bones with the tweezers being careful not to crush the pulpit. First cut the net for pieces about 5cm wide.

Take the block of salmon in order to have the longest side facing you. Then cut the block into slices in a single pass. Slide slowly to the end of the knife. Start again! Put the first point of the knife on the song and drag in the drawing slowly toward you.

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