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Israel Recipes

Israel cousine recipes divided in two: The Ashkenazic and Sephardic. Ashkenazic related to Jewish people (immigrants) from east and west Europe and Sephardic relates to Jewish people from middle east countries. Israel cousine is spicy & herbs & sweet.

Israeli cuisine combines the Ashekenazic and Sephardic with modern cooking. The style of Jewish cooking reflects the areas that Jews have lived throughout the centuries. Jewish cooking shows the influence of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Greek, Spanish, German and other European styles of cooking, some influenced by the unique dietary of the direct Jewish law.
Stuff and nonsense with potatoes recipe Cook this meal and enjoy simplicity in dish.
Scalloped potatoes Scalloped potatoes is an authentic recipe from Israel
Salad with red cabbage This Salad with red cabbage is so easy so taste enjoy.
Recipe for Ross Asana This recipe comes from Israel is a fresh Apple pie dessert.
Potato salad israeli This Potato salad is a delicious healthy salad.
Potato ragout recipe Potato ragout recipe is an original israeli food.
Meatballs with walnuts and parsley Meatballs with walnuts and parsley is a stange compination of food
Jewish fruit soup You can replace them with other fruits, but there is always fresh and xinon combination.
Giom Kippur, after fasting recipe Giom Kippur, after Jewish fasting traditions - Healthy Ideas for cooking
Eggs with feta cheese recipe This Eggs with feta cheese recipe is a breakfast meal sugest from Israel.
Dried bean salad Dried bean salad.
Beans with Meat recipe Beans with Meat recipe is a powerfull combination of vegetables and meat.

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