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Cheesecake apple pie recipe
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Cheesecake apple pie recipe


Cheesecake apple pie recipe is the perfecr dessrt after a heavy meal

Cheesecake-apple pie

For the base:
1 flitz. Sugar
2 flitz. Butter
3 flitz. Flour
Milos jam
Chocolate cake

For the cream:
3 Red Apples
2 flitz. Pastry cream
4 flitz. German cheese Kvark
3 Eggs
1 flitz. corn flower
1 flitz. Sugar
1 box. gl. grated lemon rind
1 box. Fresh Vanilla
1 box. gl. Salt

For burned apples
3 Red Apples
1 flitz. Sugar
1 box. Butter
flitz. Water or apple juice

For the apple jelly:
Milos jam
Apple juice

10 mint leaves
Cotton seed oil for frying


We start creating a bottom yeast. It is a basis on which the Germans always use the Cakes and the sweet. It is very simple in execution of, enough to always remember the golden rule:
1 dose Sugar, Butter, 2 doses, 3 doses of flour and mixing well.
We open with this mixture on a sheet chontroutsiko dimensions of our form. We need a form with a removable base.

Add a bowl of cream and pastry spame a porringer three eggs. Add eggs to bowl without the strike. Mix well with pastry cream eggs until they become a uniform mass. Then add sugar and vanilla. Then scrap the lemon which gives a wonderful flavor to Cheesecake. (The scrap lemon ice is a good idea for a natural fragrance to your sweet. Keep in freezer.) Add salt to a minimum to complete the flavor and give a flavor to tzizkeik. Then add in the main bowl material: kouark cheese. This is German fresh cheese is slightly sour taste and gives a special flavor to tzizkeik, which fits well with the apple. Mix all the ingredients for 1-2 minutes. At the end add the apples, cut to shape kydonato and mix well to evenly share inside the mixture. It is to have the apples soften before use tiganaki with a little water.
We start to compose the tzizkeik apple. Sticks on the bottom of a pastry cake chocolate find ready to trade. (Using apple jelly for glue!) Place the wreath form around the cake. Add the apple-cheese mixture we made. Spread evenly. The cake baked for an hour in pre-warmed oven at 175 C.

While tzizkeik karamelonoume cooked apples to decorate the tzizkeik. To karamelosoume sugar the pan must be very hot. Add to the pan slowly sugar. When you start to get a nice color should turn the fire will burn otherwise. When you take a brown color, add a piece of butter and melt after add apples. We turn in the skillet a few times and switched off with a little water or apple juice. Because of the liquid, add the apples absorb more flavor and sugar dissolve faster. Mix again in a minute and download the skillet from the heat and draw apples.
Then we make a mixing apple jelly apple jam, apple juice, sugar and caramel left in the skillet.

Again for decorative reasons, fry on seed mint leaves. It is important that the oil is not too hot. Turning leaves in the pan for a minute and draw immediately.
Place them on absorbent paper will suck all the oil to remain clean taste of green leaves kritsanista.

When the tzizkeik emerge from the oven, leave to cool slightly and place the apples in the shape of snails. Perichynoume with apple jelly. It is important to share evenly. When the jelly clot remove Stefanakis form. Rozetes maregkas to decorate and add to each rosette a fried mint. The taste of mint with the very best maregka.
The apple pie Cheesecake format is ready! Enjoy!

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