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Calcutta chicken with curry recipe
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Calcutta chicken with curry recipe


Calcutta chicken with curry is a pleasure Indian recipe with many Ingredients to use.

6 pieces of chicken fillet - eg 2 chests in the middle and 2 legs
5 large onions
2 green peppers
4 soup spoons wain (2 moderate and 2 hot)
3 cloves garlic
oil for saute
salt at will

FOR onion sauce:

5 large onions
one cup black raisins
little oil
a pinch of salt - a pinch of sugar


Basmati rice, a packet
little butter
little salt


4 eggs cooked very very well
2 green peppers
1 mango tsatnei jars - sweet jam (make Sharwoods - is AB)
1 canned pineapple
3 fresh bananas ready
little juice Lemonakia
trimeni coconut

FOR Mangoes Lasia

(the necessary concoction - sedative of heartburn who drink it together with the food)

1 1 / 2 liters milk
2 kesedakia wringer yogurt
a fresh ripe mango or - if you do not - half a bottle of mango juice and banana (or more).
Directions to cook Calcutta chicken with curry recipe
Prepare the chicken:

We onions and garlic from moulti to mush
Cook porridge in the pot with a little oil until cooked well
Add the waggon and cook well put in and salt
Off with water (as we take the pot)
Put in skillet chicken and peppers in 4 pieces (chicken row, because we want to spice the absorption)
Close the pot and boil in a pre-arranged time
Prepare Onio sauce:
Cut onions the other 5 in our fine pieces
Then cook in a little oil until cooked well
Add the raisins, salt and sugar and heat until a few walks together, Remove from heat and place in a bowl
Prepare RICE
The instructions are on the package: wash, rice burn the butter, add water, boil

Separating the eggs tightly in yolk and white separately and rubbing in high grinding wheel of cheese. The place in 2 bowls
Cut very small squares of peppers and put in a bowl
Cut the pineapple pieces and put him with the juice of a pot
Cut bananas into pieces and put in a bowl and sprinkle with a little lemon to black
Put the grated coconut in a bowl
We open the jars of tsatnei
Then prepere Mangoes
Simply put all our materials in a blender and then refrigerated

A few more secrets on Calcutta chicken with curry recipe

After all that - and after you have exhausted all small pot the house, put everything in the center of the table: the chicken with the sauce, accompanying. All serving dishes already in you, is rice. Let your guests to make their the plate, putting those what want from table. They even after the key combination rice - chicken, rice to divide their areas, "playing" with different flavors. Do not lie and another table providing alcohol Lasia Remove from the refrigerator and serve in glasses with a straw ..

If you want to do even more fun, put your guests in the Indian mystagogia: Sharia male to wear long white sheets, then the mark of caste with a lipstick on the key fronts. Have fun, play, and enjoy a truly different and delicious food!

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